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16 Oct

Two significant features of Field Service Lightning – Dispatch Console & Mobile App

Salesforce is the most powerful and versatile technology used by businesses today. With over 100,000 customers, it’s one integrated customer relationship management platform that gives all your internal departments a single view of the customer. And that’s possible with its several cloud products: Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, […]

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17 Sep

How to manage Salesforce data growth in a secure, cost-effective, and easy way?

There’s an exponential data growth The use of data today is transforming the way we live and the amount of it that we produce each day is unbelievable. Businesses globally are using the data to transform themselves to become more agile, customer-centric, and to remain on the competitive edge. If they are to introduce new […]

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06 May

Why move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning? Should you rush?

Why should you care about Lightning? It’s been four years since Salesforce’s Lightning launch, and you haven’t made the choice yet? You might be thinking that Classic is working too well for us, why do we have to make a move? This switch would affect employee performance – you are right; it’s going to transform […]

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14 Feb

CRM Metrics – Defining What Matters

Why CRM? Being a consultant in the CRM space for over two decades, I worked for many customer implementations from multiple industries with varied sizes. A key question that often comes my way is ‘How we bring improvement to some or all aspects of CRM?’ If I get downright to ‘Why CRM?’ the answer is […]

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15 Dec

Measuring Salesforce CRM Investment—Looking at Metrics, ROI & Beyond

Companies continue to make new investments in CRM. Gartner predicts that CRM will become number 1 enterprise software with a $36B revenue by 2017 surpassing ERP software for the first time. The reason that companies invested or plan to invest so much money on CRM is because they realized that CRM is an enterprise software […]

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